Mohammad-Reza Aslani





Depatment of Clinical Sciences,

School of Veterinary Medicine,

Ferdowsi University of Masshad,

POBox 91775-1793, Masshad, Iran



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Personal information :


Date of birth: March 29, 1966

Place of birth: Fereidounshahr (Isfahan), Iran



Education :


-1991-1995,DVSc in Large Animal Internal Medicine,††

University of Shiraz, Thesis: Study on the mechanism of V285 in treatment of experimental oleander poisoning in calves


-1985-1991, DVM, University of Tehran, Thesis: Study†† on Tropical theileriosis of cattle in Sharekord (Capital city of Chahar-Mahal Province in Iran)

††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††


Teaching experiences:


-         Offered Courses,1995-up to now:

1. Large Animal Internal Medicine

2.Veterinary Clinical Toxicology

3.Veterinary Clinical Examination

4. Metabolic Diseases of Animals



Service in clinic,1995-up to now:


Clinic of Large Animal Internal Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, Mashhad





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Scientific communications:


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Clinical interest :


Large Animal Internal Medicine


Rearch interest:


Large animal Internal Medicine, Animal poisoning-poisonous plants